Photos from Ella Chen and Alvin Lai's Wedding

It would be the best day for Alvin Lai and Ella Chen as they finally tie the knot between them together. Having their wedding today, photos of the event has been widely spread and today, we give you the highlights of the wedding and the banquet.

Attending the wedding ceremony, Hebe Tian and Selina Jen was spotted together. Also, there was JJ Lin, and his co-workers at HIM Company, SIGMA.

Anyways, here's the photos of the event! :)

For more photos, check out S.H.E. Fans Club Facebook Fan Page

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  1. Who's that with Hebe?

  2. I like pictures 3, 4, and 12 the most.

  3. It's Tsing Fong of Soda Green


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