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Radio Republic

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be invited to Radio Republic, the country’s newest online portal dedicated to bring live streaming performances of different OPM artists in support of the music industry, to witness Sandwich as they perform live. Special thanks to Mr. Adrian Lontoc who invited us, I was able to see for myself the happenings on and off the cam of the studio.

Sandwich preparing for their live performance
I arrived there before 5:30 PM and Mr. Adrian Arcega, content manager of Radio Republic gave me a quick tour of the studios and the personnel behind the scenes. As they were setting up the stage while waiting for the band to come over, I had the privilege to chat with the people who was working on the set.

By around 6, other bloggers came in the venue and we shared conversations about stuffs. Also, as we swap stories, Sandwich finally came to the set.

                                             Sandwich's playlist                                                         Radio Republic promo

  After having our dinner, Sandwich went to the studio and had their dry run for their live performance. It was awesome. And watching them perform was a delight. They had that energy that radiates in the studio. The funny thing was that they were so quiet and down to earth very contrast to the way they perform. In between performances, fans got the chance to ask them questions on Radio Republic’s twitter page. And their answers was so plain and simple. And I must say, Raimund Marasigan was not the way you think he is on cam. He is super quiet.

Sandwich performing live
As it turns past eleven, we got to chance to interview Ms. Twinky Lagdameo, chief of strategy and business development, regarding the whole concept of Radio Republic and her future plans for it. It was a very good experience. Her words were an eye-opener to what’s really happening in the industry which is dying. And that’s what Radio Republic is all about, to be the gateway of the music scene to the newer generation using technology as its medium. The discussion was very light and inspiring. From the words of Gary Valenciano to other veterans in the industry, it was enlightening especially to us music bloggers.

I really had a great time that day… and night. It was an experience worth remembering. All those stuffs we were talking about, the insights from the industry, all of it. Plus, I got to take home a shirt and button pins. Now, isn’t that cool? Yeah!

So, check out Radio Republic now by visiting their site at

Sandwich's Contra Tiempo album + poster
You can also follow them on twitter at By the way, have I mentioned that they always give freebies to fans? Just watch for live performances of your favorite artists, ask them questions and if you are lucky you just might win something. (Last night, they gave away 2 signed albums).

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Again, thank you Radio Republic! Also, if you want your fave artists to perform live, just send us a message and we will ask them! :)

For more photos of this event, check out our fan page!
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