New Girl Group: Six. S. 六樂弦

Lots of new groups are formed today and we are lucky to get a peek at a new girl group Six. S. 六樂弦. I was browsing through YouTube when I came across their debut mv "Pretty".

They are a very cool group as each of them knows how to play different stringed instruments which were featured on their music video.

And luckily, we got a reply from them for a feature. Here's an excerpt of their message:

Thank you for taking an interest on us.

We are 6 girls with 6 Chinese Instruments. We sing, dance, and most of all we are musically trained to make a difference in Taiwan's pop group.

As you might know, Taiwan has been attempting to create groups with pop music in hopes to compete with the K-Pop market, but instead, due to politics and inexperience, they have always fall short. Maybe too short...

Our first single is a breakthrough about how us girls often lose ourselves in this world. So we are reminding everyone how pretty we are inside and out despite all the negativity.

We have asked talented Taiwanese American producer/composer/ songwriter, PaperTape, along with well-known industry Engineers and musical talents around the world to create our sound. In addition, our manager Kelly is doing everything she can to ensure we are on top of everything. But because we are from an indie management company, 世娛國際有限公司, we are trying our best to keep everything up to date.

At the moment you can visit our current Facebook Chinese fan page at六樂弦粉絲團/232091776823982
We will try to have everything done soon and keep you updated! =)

We really hope to make a difference and bring variations in Asian pop music. We think Taiwanese Pop can be as good as K-pop and be shared around the world.

Thank you again and we will continue to do our best =)

Six. S.
Well, they seem to be good though their debut was not that strong. Still, I look forward as to what they can offer. :D

Stay tuned to Taiwan Pop as we give you the latest update on them! :D

Anyways, here is their debut mv "Pretty".

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