My Little Airport's New Album: Lonely Friday

It was actually my first time to listen to this indie band and I really like their style. It is something fresh.

Anyways, they are releasing their seventh studio album entitled "寂寞的星期五" (Lonely Friday).

The album is packed with 17 tracks that will definitely bring a new side to music.

A couple of months ago, they also released their music video for the their hit plug that bears the same title. Another track whose mv was released in September is "廣州足浴一夜" (Guangzhou's Night Foot Bath) which has that haunting feel.

I really like the poetry in their songs and honestly, I should have known them before!!

But anyways, here is the full track list! :D

Track List:

  1. 我們一起離開吧
  2. 回到中學的暑假
  3. 牛頭角的青年
  4. How Can You Fall In Love With A Guy Who Doesn't Know Gainsbourg?
  5. 印度
  6. My Little Angel
  7. 憂傷的嫖客
  8. 爺就是一名辭職撚
  9. 廣州足浴一夜
  10. 大象
  11. 寂寞的星期五
  12. 菊花的味道
  13. 去信和賣碟
  14. 羅曼蒂克
  15. Re:迷惘的人生
  16. Love Is Not A Romantic Song
  17. 悼二零一二年的夏
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