Chat Live with Wang Lee Hom and Mayday on Google+ Hangout!

Popstar Wang Lee Hom and band Mayday's fans will finally have the chance to chat with them and ask question which they will answer live! Check out Google+ Hangout!

想與喜愛的中、日、韓流行巨星面對面視訊問問題嗎?! 2/25 前加入 Google+ 並利用 ”#” 訊息分享功能在專頁上提出你的問題,就有機會與喜愛的亞洲巨星視訊聊天!
 Top artists from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan chat with fans from all over the world. Join Google+ and ask questions to your favorite artists. Lucky fans get to talk to the artists face to face over video chat. Question submission deadline is 2/25. 

 Here's the complete list of dates for the live chat:
3/8        Shinee #apopshinee
3/9        王力宏 (Wang Lee Hom) #apopleehom
3/10       Super Junior #apopsuperjunior
3/11       きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ #apopkyary
3/12       flumpool #apopflumpool
3/13       2PM #apop2pm
3/14       Mayday (五月天) #apopmayday

For the complete information, visit
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