Vic Chou : From Idol to actual strength, it's your own decision to make

HOME held a grand press conference and media test screening on 18th Feb. The main cast from the drama Vic Chou (Zaizai), Janine Chang, Li Li Ren, Lego Li and other actors all attended. A joint production by the two shores, this epic drama, HOME was in the making for 4 years with an investment of NTD150 million, and will be broadcast on the MOD channel 49 of NextTV starting 19th Feb at 8.00pm Mon-Fri. The highlight of great interest is that this is Zaizai's first war drama.

From F4 till Zhou Yumin (Vic Chou), Zaizai has used his acting skills to prove that "he is not just an idol".

After being nominated in the Golden Bell Awards, progressively, his acting skills have become more exquisite and affirmation received from the veterans of the same drama. In the latest production HOME, Zaizai acted the character of Su Tai Ying, with very rich emotional levels. From his eyes, one can clearly discover Vic Chou's growth in terms of acting.

Zaizai : "HOME is a historical production of a certain era, to be able to polish up for the role, the only way is to rely on immersing in it."

After the filming, and while Zaizai was taking a shower, he could see how he looked in the mirror, still with the brows deeply etched in a frown. Many people felt that it was because he could not shed off the character in the drama. But he felt that there was a kind of mood, a kind that needs personal space to be able to recover back the mood.

In the filming process, what left an indelible impression was "Li Li Ren-ge's tears". There was great hardship filming on foreign soil, and added on his yearnings for his family, this had caused Li Ren-ge to shed manly tears. Zaizai, who would not easily shed tears, saw this scene and said this represented "the greatness of a man".

During filming, from the directors to the veterans, they would often praise Zaizai, "eye expressions as being very spot on, like Tony Leung..." but Zaizai did not wish to be the shadow of anyone, hence he would convert these praises as the motivating force to step forward. He wanted to accumulate experience from every show... "from idol to solid strength, it is for one to decide", the Zaizai now already understands which of the performances would be the genuine "works", and HOME is a drama that "had to be acted out with great pain, but watched with great satisfaction". 

Source: babyu
Translated by: sytwo @ AsianFanatics Forum

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