Kay Tse Debuts in Taiwan with “I Have a Dream”

Kay Tse (謝安琪) has not released much new material last year when she decided to take her hiatus to care for her 5-year-old son, James. Now the wait is finally over, and the Cantopop diva has returned to the spotlight with her latest single, “I Have a Dream.” However, Kay’s eyes are not set on the Cantopop Hong Kong market, but on the Mandopop Taiwan market.

On March 29, Kay attended a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan to commemorate her official signing with the label, Gold Typhoon.  Kay expressed that she had always wanted to try a career in the Taiwanese music market, and she worked hard in sorting out her schedule rundown to reserve the time for the inaugurating press conference.

“I Have a Dream,” Kay’s official debut single in the Mandopop market, was written and produced by good friend, Gary Chaw (曹格). The lyrics of the single speak of freedom, exploration, and liberation; all which reflects Kay’s hopes and dreams as she steps into the Taiwanese music industry.

William So (蘇永康), Khalil Fong (方大同), and Gary Chaw sent in video messages to congratulate Kay on signing with Gold Typhoon. The longtime friends and fellow singers wished Kay good luck in her new beginning.
In regards to her resolutions for 2013, Kay said, “Take root in Taiwan, contribute to society, and perform at the Taipei Arena!”

Although Kay has released a full-length Mandarin language album two years ago, the record’s main focus was for Hong Kong. Now that Kay is targeting the Taiwanese market, Kay hopes her new Mandarin studio album will be able to reach to an even wider audience.

Preparations for her upcoming highly-anticipated studio album had already started production last year. She has invited many famous musicians in the industry to help out with the production. Kay exclaimed, “Please looked forward to it!”

“I Have a Dream” MV

Source: Goldtyphoon,com, Jayne Stars

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