Vic Chou wishes to start a family soon

The Taiwanese artiste shared his desire to start his own family and clarified discord rumours between the members of F4
Vic Chou revealed that he missed his father while filming for his latest movie and spoke of his desire to start a family soon during a recent visit to Singapore. The Taiwanese artiste was in town to promote the new movie Saving General Yang along with co-actors Wu Chun and Ekin Chen and director Ronny Yu last Saturday.

In Saving General Yang, Vic plays the third child in the Yang family. The film tells a moving tale about kinship and brotherhood, as seven sons in the Yang family battle to save their father.

Vic Chou

Vic explained, “The movie tells us that we can be very vulnerable at times, and then we will ask ourselves, are we willing to treasure everything and everyone around us, including our family? Do we have something that you wish to tell our family but haven’t done so?”

The 31-year-old became homesick and thought of his father who is living alone in his hometown in Yilan while filming the movie.

In an interview with xinmsn, Vic recalled that he immediately contacted his brother after filming wrapped up and invited him to visit their father together. “We went back to our old home in Yilan and accompanied my dad. My dad is like me, we are both quiet, so we just sat down quietly while having tea, and chatted for a bit here and there.”
“I saw my dad smiling slightly. I knew he was happy and satisfied, but he’s not one who would express his feelings through words,” Vic added.
The actor who is currently in a relationship with Chinese actress Reen Yu also confessed that he wish to start a family soon.

Vic Chou

“I feel that there is something that we have to complete in our lives, and that is starting a family. I came from a single-parent family and I know how much a single-parent family can affect a child, so I want to make sure I have the ability to fulfill the conditions of a complete, blissful family before starting one.”
He quickly added that is currently “slowly working towards” his goal now.
F4 recently reunited on stage for a performance during Jiangsu TV's Spring Festival Gala early this year. 

Before this big reunion took place, the band was constantly surrounded by rumours of discord between the members.

Clarifying the speculations, Vic said, “We have been through good and bad times, that’s why we treasure our friendship a lot.”

“The four of us are very honest with our feelings and we won’t put up a front. For example if I am on bad terms with someone, I won’t pretend that I get along well with you just to put on a show in front of the camera.”

Vic added that it is normal for friends to fight with one another occasionally too. “We were all big boys when we first debut, even family members fight with each other, so why can’t I fight with my friends?”

Vic Chou

Commenting on his rapid rise to fame after acting in the highly popular Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden, Vic said that his chance to act in the drama was an “accident.” He was merely accompanying his friend to the audition for a role in Meteor Garden, but got scouted at a corner of a staircase instead.

Shy and quiet by nature, Vic revealed that he had never considered entering the showbiz. He only fell in love with his profession after acting in the drama Mars when the director allowed him to explore different ways of acting and gave him freedom to interpret the character in his own way.

“I had no clue about the showbiz and I didn’t put in my fullest effort in my work in the past. But now, I don’t think I would ever want to give up this job,” he concluded.

Source: Xin MSN

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