Fahrenheit's music video "Shou Hu Xing"

Song: Shou Hu Xing 守護星
Artist: Fahrenheit

I have liked Fahrenheit for a long time (especially Jiro Wang and Wu Chun because of their drama careers).

The video for "Shou Hu Xing" is very simple, showing the band members signing autographs and doing concerts. I find this simplicity a good thing, since their music video for "Tai Re" was so flashy and filled with special effects.

The song itself displays each member's distinct singing voice, since each boy has a solo in the song, I liked this, because you got to hear the different styles of each of the singers.

Overall I found the music video pretty good, and I liked that it wasn't too showy with over choreographed dance moves and revealing outfits. The song itself is nice, but it doesn't really stand out to me, its not one of those that you can't get out of your head. However I know that every song can't be a hit.


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