Andy Lau Tops Forbes China's Most Powerful Celebrities List Followed by Jay Chou

The most influential listing is finally on! Forbes China just released their complete list for the Most Powerful Celebrity in the country.

Grabbing the first place is none other than Andy Lau who made successful movies and concert tours for the past few years. He have moved two places up.

Stuck in the second place is Jay Chou who also placed second last year. After dominating the charts with his albums and world tour, it is no wonder that Jay Chou managed to still got the spot. However, it was not enough to beat Andy Lau.

Also in the list is Faye Wong and Jackie Chan placing third and fourth respectively. Singers Wang Lee Hom and Jolin Tsai was also in the top twenty grabbing the twelfth and fifteenth spot.

The criteria for the list are based on their fame, wealth, and power.

Here is the list of the top twenty of Forbes China's Most Powerful Celebrity list:

  1. Andy Lau
  2. Jay Chou
  3. Faye Wong
  4. Jackie Chan
  5. Yao Ming
  6. Donnie Yen
  7. Zhang Zi Yi
  8. Jet Li
  9. Fan Bingbing
  10. Zhao Benshan
  11. Huang Xiaoming
  12. Lee Hom Wang
  13. Lin Chi Ling
  14. Feng Xiaogang
  15. Jolin Tsai
  16. Barbie Hsu
  17. Jiang Wen
  18. Eason Chan
  19. Jacky Cheung
  20. Zhang Yimou
For the full list, you can go to Forbes China's website.

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