DJ Masa Unveils "K-Pop Till The World Ends" MV

I have been a fan of mash-ups lately and I really love DJ Earworm, the man behind some famous mash-ups.

And mostly, they are all in English. But DJ Masa is breaking the trend! From the phenomenal hit "Till the World Ends" by Britney Spears, he comes up with a total new dimension of K-Pop.

Featuring artists such as Big Bang, f(x), and a whole lot more, I really love this song! It was just phenomenal!

Anyways, here is the complete list of the songs and singers included in the video:
4minute — “Mirror Mirror”
A Pink — “I Don’t Know”
After School — “Let’s Step Up”
After School — “Shampoo”
B1A4 — “O.K”
BEAST — “Fiction”
Big Bang — “Love Song”
Big Bang — “Tonight”
Block B — “Freeze”
Brave Girls — “Do You Know”
CHI CHI — “Don’t Play Around”
Clover — “La Vida Loca”
CNBLUE — “Intuition”
Dal Shabet — “Pink Rocket”
f(x) — “Danger (Pinocchio)”
Girl’s Day — “Twinkle Twinkle”
G.NA — “Black & White”
Jay Park — “Abandoned”
JQT — “PeekABoo”
Kahi (After School) — “Come Back Bad Person”
Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) — “Girl”
MBLAQ — “Stay”
Orange Caramel — “Bangkok City”
Park Jung Min (SS501) — “Not Alone”
Rainbow — “To Me”
Rania — “Dr. Feel Good”
Seungri (Big Bang) — “What Can I Do”
Secret — “Shy Boy”
SISTAR19 — “My Boy”
Song Ji Eun (Secret) — “Going Crazy” feat. Bang Yong Guk
Super Junior M — “Perfection”
Teen Top — “Supa Luv”
Tony An — “Top Star”
TVXQ — “Why (Keep Your Head Down)”
U-KISS — “0330″
Wheesung — “Words That Freeze My Heart”
X-5 — “Don’t Put On An Act”
ZE:A — “Here I Am”
(Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends”)

My Rating: 10/10 


Credits to: MTVK

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