Edison Chen’s outburst at Hong Kong airport

The actor lost his temper after a reporter accidentally bumped into him at the airport

He was described as the "catalyst" which drove Hong Kong celeb couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung apart. However, singer Edison Chen seemed unfazed about the whole incident.

At an event in Shanghai recently, Edison was asked about questions on Cecilia.

"I'm Edison Chen, not them [Cecilia and Nicholas]," Edison said, making it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the couple's divorce.

Reporters staked out at Hong Kong airport on June 12 when they got news that the actor would be returning to Hong Kong that day.

Upon seeing the media as soon as he stepped into the arrival hall, Edison's mood changed immediately.

When asked questions about Cecilia and Nicholas, Edison pointed to the pair of earphones he had in his ears and replied coolly, "I can't hear you."

A reporter's camera later accidentally bumped into the star because of the crowd, causing Edison to go berserk.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" Edison shouted angrily.

Although the reporter apologised immediately, Edison seemed to have had enough of the entire situation.

"Can I punch you now, apologise and then, pretend nothing has happened? If I was the one who bumped into you, you would write about it for five days! Yet, nothing happens when you knocked into me," he lambasted the media.

After that, Edison was seen heading to Four Seasons Hotel, where Cecilia and her two sons were reportedly staying at.

Source: Xin MSN

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