Vanness Wu's New Album "C'est La "V"" Track List

Well, I have been waiting for the official track list from YesAsia.Com since they have posted Vanness Wu's upcoming album "C'est La "V"".

But they haven't released it yet so I was very frustrated and desperate to get a hold on it. However, thanks to MCA Universal Music Philippines, I got the track list for it... finally!!

They have posted it last May, and I was sad that I wasn't able to post it sooner... still, I'm hoping it is not too late.

Anyways, to those who want to get hold on the track list as much as I did, here is your chance!! The track list consists of 12 songs, including 2 tracks from the drama "Material Queen" and another one written and produced by none other than Bruno Mars!!! Isn't that amazing!!

To cut things short, here it is!! Surprise!!

Track List:

1. Intro
2. Love Faith Live /說愛就愛
3. Is This All feat. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic (written and composed by Ryan Tedder, theme song from TV Drama “Material Queen”)
4. Do it feat. 仔仔
5. Destined /命定
6. When You’re Near /有你在 (featured in TV Drama “Material Queen”)
7. Happiness /只要她快樂
8. Love Grenade /愛的手榴彈
9. Don’t Leave /愛沒走
10. Aiya /哎呀
11. In The Limelight /透明愛
12. Knockin’ (English song, written and produced by Bruno Mars)

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