Jam Hsiao… from singer to kung fu star?

The singer picked up his first ever acting award at the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards

Twenty-five-year-old Jam Hsiao shot to fame three years ago on the Taiwanese talent show, One Million Star. In a short time, he's staged concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum and Taipei Arena in Taiwan.

He recently won the award for best newcomer for his role in The Killer Who Never Kills, a movie based on novel by Giddens Ko.

Jam returned back to Taiwan yesterday afternoon and was greeted by his fans. He generously took out his trophy, sharing his win with them.

When asked how he felt after winning, a smiling Jam said he was really nervous. "Even when I got on stage, my mind was a blank. I didn't know what to say. It felt weird standing there. The moment it got quiet, it felt like the second hand ticked by really loudly. I didn't know what to do."

Does he feel that it was too easy, winning the award with his first movie?

Jam said the award serves as an encouragement for him, giving him strength and motivation to try more roles.

On whether his asking price will increase now that he has an award to his name, Jam's manager explained, "The production cost for The Killer Who Never Kills was relatively low. The price he quoted was between friends. But even so, we wouldn't intentionally increase his rate in the future."

Jam disclosed that in the future he hopes to act in kung fu films as well as films that are similar to crime thriller Infernal Affairs.

Jam had met kung fu star Donnie Yen at the celebration party, where he showed off a funny boxing pose for the actor. Speaking on behalf of Jam, his manager told Donnie, "Jam wants to take on 10 people too." Donnie then joked, "Today, Jam took down 13 people."

Source: Xin MSN

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