Roomie's Debut Album: Super Lover

Five hot new girls are up to take the stage. Gaining popularity by singing tracks for the drama "Skip Beat", these girls are not your typical girl group. And they call themselves Roomie.

If you don't know much about them, here is the link to my previous post. Click Here.

Anyways, releasing their debut EP album entitled "Super Lover", Roomie proves that they have a spot on the industry.

Kicking off with their titular plug "Super Lover", Roomie takes us to the dance floor with their fiery voice and dance moves. It is the advertisement song for Panasonic Beauty. Sad to say though, I think this song was kind of off since I have seen a lot of better songs than that. Also, they seem to resemble Dream Girls which was kind of awkward. But hey, they can really sing.

Next in line is "愛我像從前一樣" (Love Me Like Before), a mellow dramatic track which I really love. It was just so simple and you can see the range of their voices. I think it was the best song in the album.

Also "熱帶氣旋" (Tropical Cyclone) is a great track. It is mellow yet it has beats which makes it more of a pop. The same goes with "甜蜜小迷信" (Sweet Little Superstition).

Their fourth song "Happy Hour", is a pop track like their first song, packed with upbeat tempo.

Overall, the album really showcased their talent, voices and versatility that they can go from pop to mellow. What I was a little disappointed was that it didn't include "So Long" which I really find amazing. Plus, I personally think that they should escape from the mediocrity of pop songs because you can clearly see that they doesn't have that distinct style yet which makes them look like some desperate group trying to copy K-Pop artists.

My Rating: 9.1/10

 Track List: 

  1. Super Lover 
  2. 愛我像從前一樣 
  3. 熱帶氣旋
  4.  Happy Hour
  5.  甜蜜小迷信
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