PSY hints new single will feature Justin Bieber

PSY has hinted new single will feature Justin Bieber and says he is teaming up with a huge star on the new track

PSY has speculated his new single features Justin Bieber.

The South Korean 'Gangnam Style' hitmaker - who took home Best Video for the track at the MTV Europe Music Awards last night (11.11.12) - said his next single will feature more English lyrics and a huge guest star.

When asked by BANG Showbiz if he would work with Justin, as they share a manager, Scooter Braun, PSY said: ''So, I already have done with the next track already, so it's gonna be... I cannot tell you about who its gonna be with but I'm working with someone else right now and it's going to be huge.

''I'm working on my next album and single, and it has more English so you can get it. I feel happy and sorry because when I perform the song they look so happy, but they don't have any idea what I'm talking about. So we're gonna have some English in it.''

Speaking about performing a skit with Heidi Klum, where she joined in

with his trademark Gangnam Style dance at the awards bash in Frankfurt, Germany, the 34-year-old singer added: ''She was pretty and she danced pretty, so it was pretty.''

Talking about the phenomenal success of the track, he said: ''I've done this for 12 years in South Korea, I did the exact same thing I did before, and it just happened so what can I say? Its so great, so great.''

The pop sensation performed his huge hit single - which took home the prestigious Best Video prize and is now officially the most popular video in history - at the event alongside an army of look-a-like dancers. The high-energy performance also featured a special cameo by David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff.

Source: Xin MSN

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